About Us

Our family, like so many others, came to this country, arriving at Ellis Island in the early 1900’s from Europe. One side came from Poland, the other side from Russia. With them they brought recipes and traditions that would be passed down through the generations.
Our menu tips our hat and recognizes those traditions, as it becomes our generations’ responsibility to keep them alive, improve upon them (they weren’t big on seasoning), and have fun doing it!!!

You may ask, who are all these people with Sammy’s named for them? And why is The Shirley’s plural? Well Samuel or Sammy Shapiro was our Great Grandfather who started it all. His son, Irving, married Shirley Schein. Our other Grandfather, Lou married Shirley Seckler. It just made sense to us, that everyone’s Grandmothers name was Shirley, since ours were plural.

We honor their memory and each of our family members with either their favorite deli sandwich or something we felt represented their personality.

You’ll have to guess which one is which.